Absolute Admin offers a wide variety of services listed below. If you can’t see what you are looking for, don’t worry! I work with other Virtual Assistants, all with their own unique specialities, and will be able to find somebody who can fulfil your requirements.

Somebody writing in a book

Content Writing

Writing is time-consuming, but it’s important to get your content right and engage with your audience. 

So, whether it’s a blog, article, newsletter, or other content let me help you craft the perfect message.

Somebody reading a document


Having spelling or grammatical errors presents a bad impression to your customers and impacts your brand.

Get help with reading your content before you publish and avoid those mistakes appearing

Different formats displayed on a computer monitor

Formatting & Templates

Presenting a professional image is key to your brand reputation and shows you take pride in your business.

Let me make your presentations and Word documents look more professional and polished.

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Research is key to staying on top of industry trends and what the competition is doing.

Data from research can help your business with decision planning and much more.

Piece of paper with various graphs on it.

Data Analysis

Data is power! Large amounts of data need analysis, so you understand what it is telling you.

Analysis can help identify customers behaviour, streamline processes, and save you money.

Piece of paper with 'Meeting 14:30' written on it.

Diary & Inbox

Good diary & inbox management are key to keeping you focused and getting the most out of your day.

With various tips and tricks, let me help you become more organised, efficient and productive.

Somebody typing

Minutes & Note Taking

Minutes & notes provide an invaluable record of what was discussed and agreed upon.

Actions alone don’t provide any context and are therefore meaningless in a few weeks/months.

Somebody typing on a laptop.

Typing & Data Entry

If your business is heavily reliant on producing a lot of documentation, then this can be time consuming.

Hand your work to me and you’re guaranteed a fast and reliable service. Giving you back that valuable time.