Diary Management

Do you or your business rely on lots of meetings or visits?  Then good diary management is key to ensuring that you know where you’re meant to be and when.  Forgetting to add something to your diary means you could miss that vital appointment or let down a new customer.  Diary management takes time.  You need to maximise the time available to you every day and get the most from your meetings. 

It’s important to ensure that you’re not scheduling meetings back-to-back all day.  After all, you need time for comfort breaks and lunch! 

Don’t forget, you might also need to schedule in time to prep for a meeting.  Getting into the habit of looking ahead means you won’t get a nasty shock and turn up for a meeting unprepared. 

A well-managed diary ensures you maximise face-to face meetings by booking several appointments in the same area, preventing unnecessary travel.  It also allows you to book in travel time, before and after a meeting.

It’s a good idea to block out chunks of time to allow you to work through emails or prep for upcoming meetings.  This ensures that you are not interrupted with meetings whilst working on another task.

Colour coding of different types of meetings, or tasks helps you to stay focused on what’s happening each week/day.  For example, you might have colour categories such as prep, meeting, action etc. 

Inbox Management

Likewise, your inbox could be flooded with spam mail or ‘info only’ mail.  This means you’re potentially missing that important email from a client that needs an urgent response.  Good inbox management helps you focus on what you need to respond to.  Thus, making you more efficient and improving your brand reputation with your customers. 

Using folders to categorise emails into those that need immediate attention and those that can wait will make you more efficient. Let me answer those emails that can be easily responded to and delete those that are spam. Freeing up your time to focus on the important responses.

As an Executive Assistant, I’m used to busy diaries and inboxes. I will help you get organised and become more efficient, so that you can maximise your time more effectively.

If your diary and inbox are becoming admin nightmares, let me take over the management and help make you more efficient.