Presenting a professional image is key to brand reputation. Above all, it shows existing customers you take pride in how your business is portrayed and gives new customers confidence that they’re dealing with a company that takes quality seriously.

Making sure your documents and presentations are correctly formatted will make a lasting impression.  So, it’s important to get it right first time. The layout and ‘look and feel’ of your documents will also improve the readability.

When presenting, your presentation needs to be easy to read and dynamic.  So, ensure you’re using your brand colours and that you use less words and more graphics. Otherwise, people will be reading the slide and not concentrating on what you are saying! 

If you use standard reports or forms, then make sure there is enough ‘white space’ and that text and boxes don’t look cramped on the page.  You should use the same font and size throughout the document (apart from headings) and be consistent in your approach. 

Setting up an Excel template can be a useful way of tracking projects, managing finances, creating action logs and more.  By using simple formulas and conditional formatting you can save time and effort. 

The beauty is, that once templates have been created, they can be used time and time again. 

One of the reasons my colleagues liked working with me is that I have a great eye for detail. I love making documents and presentations look professional and on brand. So, stop struggling with your files and let me create something catchy and eye-pleasing.

Formatting can be fiddly, especially if you’re not really sure what you’re doing.  With over 30 years’ experience, let me take away your formatting difficulties and give you back a professional and easy to work with document.