You’ve created your content and you’ve read it numerous times. However, how confident are you that you’ve not missed something? When we write and then do numerous edits it’s really easy to overlook a simple error. This is because our brain tricks us into reading what we think we are seeing.  Therefore, when you proofread you need to read each word in its own right. Rather than skimming the content and reading what you think the sentence should say.

Having spelling or grammatical errors in your content presents a bad impression to your customers.  From personal experience, if I see errors in any written material, I immediately don’t want to do business with that company.  Obviously, if they can’t be bothered to check what they are publishing, then why should I trust that they will quality check the work they could potentially be doing for me?!

Using a professional proofreading service could save you money, attract new clients and boost your brand image.  It doesn’t need to be several pages of text either.  Even a business card can contain errors.  Imagine if you’re email address had a couple of letters transposed.  Customers would get delivery failures because they are using an incorrect email address. By the same token, you could be missing out on attracting that new client.

Proofreading comes naturally to me, whether I’m reading something on the web, or a book. I’m always spotting errors! Let me proofread your documents and ensure you never publish a mistake.

I’ve proofread hundreds of documents, emails and, articles over the years. My proofreading service will ensure that your company is being presented in the most professional way possible.  So, give me a call today and see how I can help you.