How letting go of your admin can help your business

Whether we like it or not, admin is a necessity for any business. BUT if you’re spending too much time on your admin, then your business is likely to be suffering from lack of development and focus.  On the other hand, if you’re ignoring the admin then you are just creating a ticking time bomb that will no doubt start losing you customers.

How am I spending my time?
Where is your time going?
Where is your time going?

Understanding just where your time is going is a great place to start.  Use a time tracking app like Toggl or MinuteDock to accurately capture the time you’re spending on different tasks.  Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll soon start to build a picture of where your time is being spent.  If you see a big percentage of time spent on ‘non-productive’ tasks like admin, then it’s time to take action!

Think about how you can off-load these tasks to somebody else.

Make a list of the admin tasks that are taking you the longest to complete eg diary management, writing content, undertaking research etc.  Now make an assessment as to whether you actually need to do these jobs yourself.  Next, make a list of the tasks you would rather be doing and that bring you job satisfaction. For example, following up on new leads, developing the service you offer to your customers, finding new revenue streams.

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Hiring a VA is an investment – an investment in your business, that long term will reap rewards.  Most VA’s will offer different pricing models, depending on how you want to work with them.  A ‘pay-as-you-go ‘package perfect for those one-off jobs or at busy times of the year.  Or a ‘retainer’ package, where you buy a set number of hours up front every month.  Whichever way you decide, you’ll save money by either not having to hire a permanent member of staff or do the work yourself.  The investment pays off because it gives you and your team more time to focus on your core business.

It’s important that you find the ‘right fit’ when choosing a VA.  Clearly, you need somebody that has the relevant skills to carry out the tasks you need.  However, it’s equally important that it’s somebody you can work with.  VA’s will want to help you succeed!  To do this, you need to be open about your goals and ambitions for your business.  Understanding your business and where you want to take it, will allow the VA to suggest areas of efficiency or improvement that help meet your goals.  View this as a partnership, the more you put into the relationship the better results you’re going to get.

Building a good working relationship is key

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